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Here you can order your own cartoon, these are digital documents in PNG/JPEG format which you can print up to UK size A2. These cartoons include all rider/s, pets, props and accessories. When placing your order you can drop an initial message using the below contact form, or email me at to attach photos. I’d typically need photos of the bike/s, riders, and any additional photos you can provide of helmets and clothing, and close ups of any visible modifications or stickers – they don’t need to be together in the photo, and the photos don’t need to be good quality. If you can’t find photos then descriptions or screenshots from the internet are fine.

  • Payment must be made before artwork is started. Payment accepted by PayPal (below) or invoices sent upon request. Outlines for artwork will be sent for you to check before completion, after this stage refunds will not be given for artwork.
  • Artwork is for private use only unless we have agreed otherwise prior to payment. Private use includes use on social media for personal accounts, printing on products for personal use, and for use within private events (weddings, parties etc). Artwork at any stage is not for resale.
  • Completion time is within 1 month following payment. If you have a deadline that is within the month, please let me know and I will make sure your order is completed quickly. If I don’t hear from you within the month to discuss your order, you will be refunded.
  • By submitting payment you agree that you have read and agree to the above points.

Basic Cartoon (1 bike)

Digital copy of cartoon with 1 bike. Includes riders, pets and accessories. In PNG/JPEG format, printable up to UK A2. (Does not include prints)



Basic Cartoon (2 bikes)

Basic cartoon (digital copy) with 2 bikes. Includes riders, pets and accessories. Sent as PNG/JPEG printable to UK A2 size (Does not include prints)



A3 Print – “I don’t speed, my bike does”

X1 A3 Print “I don’t speed, my bike does…” sent in roll up tube. Includes postage – please include postage address when ordering. Postage times vary depending on delivery location. Please allow up to 4 weeks for worldwide delivery, UK delivery usually within a week from ordering.


You, me and motorbikes! Valentines Day illustration book

You, me and motorbikes! Book full of couple-related illustrations drawn by R1Liz, produced by Birotar UK. Includes Valentines Day card and shipping to UK address.