#4 2017 GSXR1000 A Mode

My first time on this bike was in B mode, the weather had been rubbish so there was lots of mud and gravel on the road and I thought that was the safe option. Although the bike was great, I found it lagged a bit and was kind of awkward pulling away, apparently this is what B does. So last weekend I found somewhere that would let me test another one and I got to take it out on my own for an hour with nice dry roads and find out some more about how the bike is.

Observation 1 – The bike drinks fuel like a kid on their 18th birthday drinks cheap vodka. “You’ll have more than enough fuel for an hour” said the sales guy pointing at the fuel gauge saying it’s half full. Of course the bike ran clean out before I got halfway back to the shop, luckily I noticed it discreetly flashing in the corner and managed to roll it to the nearest garage (Thank god there was a garage). There isn’t a light. Keep an eye on it.

Observation 2 – Brakes are very good still. I was so distracted enjoying acceleration of a bike that weighs about 5kg that I forgot that corners are a thing that you have to slow down for. So they did get tested, and they work. They work reeaally well… Also they’ve got Brembo written on them so you can get that on your Insta.

Observation 3 – A mode makes the bike feel lighter. Seriously it took me about half an hour to relearn how to corner, the R1 takes a bit of manhandling to get it to go down round corners but the teeny tiny GSXR doesn’t, so me going into a corner about to put some force into it was a scary experience. Once used to it I loved it, with the added throttle sensitivity it was great fun.

Observation 4 – I loved its mild unpredictability in B mode. In A mode that’s multiplied. Gentle movements on the throttle if you don’t want to be thrown backwards (but you do, because it’s funny…)

Observation 5 – People will stare at you. They have to crane their necks a bit to see round the exhaust so it’s obvious they’re looking at you. Extra effort to not stall in front of them.

Observation 6 – The exhaust is really awful. I made excuses for it in my original post. I take that all back, it’s got to go. It makes the bike sound broken. It’s crying. Save the bike. Change the exhaust.

Observation 7 – On my first go I rode the GSXR1000R, this time it was just the GSXR1000 (no additional R) that’s a few £k difference in price new. The difference doesn’t translate onto the road that well, maybe if you’re all for the safety features and you’re a devil on track, but I’d save my money (spend it on a exhaust and skip hire for the standard one when you take it off) and get the cheaper version with just the one R.

I hope this is informative for people. It has definitely thrown my ‘new bike plans’ into chaos because up until this ride I was dead set on an S1000RR. Now I’m not so sure.

Big thanks to CMW Motorcycles Chichester for letting me out.

CMW Motorcycles Chichester – 01243 782 544 – http://www.cmwmotorcycles.com

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