I am a 25 year old living on the south coast of England with my boyfriend and dog called Keira.

I have a Graphic Design degree from Bournemouth Arts University, I draw regular cartoons about life with bikes, and caricatures of people with their vehicles.

Currently I have a 2018 R1. I have toured parts of Europe, and when I can I ride on track and off-road. I ride as many different bikes as I can and have worked with several companies over the last year promoting and reviewing brands and their products.

One day I hope to be able to draw as my only occupation.

About my art:

I have always been arty, I tried to break out of it and started college on an A level course for physics and maths, but after the first year I transferred to the Graphic designs course and began seriously thinking about a career in art.

For part of my college course I drew some motorcycles, influenced by work from Steven Whyman, and midway through university I picked it back up again trying to increase the level of detail I could get into drawings. I started with acrylic paints and gradually moved onto Letraset Promarkers for their convenience and ease of use.

The digital art started when I purchased an iPad pro to help with my coursework. I continued with the detail work and thoroughly enjoyed working digitally with the zoom and erase features at my finger tips, and the stunning quality of final prints.


The cartoons started, like most things, with me complaining about something – a lot of people enjoyed the humour behind the quick creation and so I drew a few more. Eventually the cartoons of my bike and I got their own facebook page and people started to want a cartoon of themselves.


Over the year of 2017 the popularity increased and my style developed to what it is now.

The digital art is created using an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. I use the Adobe Photoshop package developed for the iPad.

My goal with the cartoons is to inspire and encourage new or young riders, and provide some insight into the real life of motorcyclists that outsiders and new riders don’t see or expect. I want people to see the cartoons and realise that the problems they face are common, and that they can laugh at their imperfections. Some of the cartoons are brutally honest – I make fun of myself a lot, and try to be relatable to everyones experiences.


About my bikes:

I started riding at 17. My first bike was a Yamaha YZFR125, shortly followed by a Kawasaki Ninja 300 after I passed my test, then a Yamaha R6 a year later, and finally my Yamaha R1. I’m now on my second R1, trading in the ’07 model in December 2018 and getting an ’18 one. I’ve loved R1s from the day I was told I shouldn’t ride one, and I hope that by riding my favourite bike despite prejudice will inspire others to do the same.