#5 Hel Brake Lines

Hel have sent me a brake line kit so that I can try them out and report back to you all.
Today I went for a fairly decent ride despite the ice so I could properly use them.
I noticed immediately after fitting Hel that my braking response was smoother, particularly under heavy braking which I have struggled with in the past. The R1 is a big chunky bike and confidence in stopping quickly is something I have to work on regularly.
Improved braking feedback has helped me to be less snatchy with my front brake. Braking is evenly distributed helping you ride smoothly. It’s also given me more trust in my rear brake – having more consistency in the brake helps me a lot, as I know that when I use it I’ll feel it working, and not accidentally use it too much and cause an accident. If you have bought a new bike or your bike is relatively standard, you will probably find that your brake lines are rubber. Obviously rubber works, but they don’t last as long; under heavy use they will expand and twist out of shape, your brakes will feel spongey and your braking won’t be consistent or as responsive. They’re also dull and boring. Of course I chose pink, they are very bright and very beautiful, but you can have pretty much any colour you want as Hel make them all. Colourful brake lines are an important visual upgrade to any bike, so even if you don’t feel like you need them for better braking, there’s still a good reason to get yourself some.
Hel’s customer service is outstanding, they are on the end of the phone to help you if you’re unsure of anything, on Facebook if you just want a bit of advice, and they will help you out with all your questions. As well as brake lines they have a range of other performance upgrades including callipers, suspension, and glittery stickers.
If you have any specific questions feel free to ask or give Hel a shout if you want to discuss anything with them.


Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 20.53.44

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